Men in kilts...

post by Dee

I’m sorry, but guys in kilts are just DOMINANT!   Stalking around with knives in their socks, a definite brio (and I don’t mean cheese) about their shoulders, it simply transforms them into powerful  figures that attracts women like flies to – well, that’s what we wanted to find out –

So we conducted a very informal survey of kilt wearers at our last Games, and asked the single burning question uppermost in every female’s mind:  What EXACTLY is worn under the kilt?  Inquiring minds want to know!  We got a variety of well-rehearsed responses:  “Nothing!  It’s all in pairrfect working order!”  “On a good day, a rainbow!”  My favorite, “A Blue Ribbon!  For first prize!” while his 60ish wife by his side dissolved in giggles.

All I can say is, there is a reason they don’t wear patent leather shoes.


What I like about the games...

post by Dean

Where do I begin?  I guess the natural response would be to say that I like it all.  And I do.  But the friendships and relationships that I have made over these past years are priceless.  From those that I serve with on our Board of Directors to members of Pipe Bands that join us each year and the numerous folks that attend everything they all have a very special place and fondness to me.


But if asked to name only one thing, that one thing would be the response that I get from folks throughout the year when they find out that I am a part of the Greenville Scottish Games.  It truly is a rewarding and priceless thing.



post by Kay

I can feel the excitement building for the games, as I start working on the entertainment schedules.  You learn a lot through the years with the planning and knowing what bands to start early in the morning and those better left to lunchtime and a cold beer.  Scottish folk music is better received by those wanting a gentle, easy listening sound and grandparents accompanying their grandchildren to the games, while the parents are in Wee Scotland with the kiddles.  The grands can sit back in the music tent and enjoy some soothing folk music. By lunchtime, the younger crowd and those diehards like me, are ready for the really loud, really rocking Scottish Celtic Rock. We have a great line-up this year. A favourite, Cleghorn returns  to thrill us with their Scottish fiddle and sweet guitars keeping a rhythm with the fantastic drummer. I don't know how Dylan Cleghorn dances all over the stage (and off) and still manages to keep right in step with the rest of the band.
Cu Dubh will be with us for the first time this year. Their music will take us back to Viking days and a real tribal sound of the ancient celts. An addition to the band this year is Petite Jamila. She plays the pipes and is a world class champion belly dancer. I can't wait for everyone to see her performance with Cu Dubh.
Seven Nations will also be joining the Greenville Games for the first time. Many think of them as the first Celtic Rock Band and indeed they are seasoned with exceptional talent. If you don't get up and dance while they are on stage, there is something wrong with your feet.  I saw them at the Scotfest in Tulsa, Oklahoma and they rocked that stage. I have no doubt that they will rock the "Celtic Jam" on Saturday night after the games.
If you haven't been to the "Jam" you are really missing a treat and I might add the BEER. Did I mention the BEER! Of course there is BEER. Moonshine tasting too!
Come on out to the games and experience something new and different for adults and kids alike. Make it a yearly tradition. You might even see Braveheart in the crowd of kilted men. Don't do the same old thing. Go to the Scottish Games, hear amazing grace played by hundreds of pipers, listen to the celtic bands, watch a man (in a skirt) throw a telephone pole, visit a Clan tent, buy some Scottish jewelry, eat some haggis, have your face painted, see sheep herding and have a wonderful family day.
Féach tú ag na cluichí
(See you at the games)
Kay Reid - Board Member



post by Sam

The 2014 Great Scot! British Car Show will honor the Sunbeam as this year's  featured marque. 

 Sunbeam was established in 1888 as a bicycle company, and moved into motor vehicles.  Along with building passenger cars, Sunbeam produced trucks, ambulances, buses, and even aircraft used in WWII.  They also built racing cars.  In 1927, they held the land speed record of over 203 mph, with the 1000HP model.

 The best known Sunbeams are the Alpine and Tiger, built between 1959 and 1967, and specifically targeted for sales in the US market.

Along with the Sunbeams, the show will exhibit Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs, and other classic cars from the heyday of the British automotive industry.  From the big, luxury vehicles of Rolls Royce, to the diminutive and sporty Austin Healey Sprite, there will be something of interest to everyone.  Make sure to spend a few minutes of your time at the 6th Annual Great Scot! British Car Show.

Sam Maw


Myths, legends or silly rumors?

post by Nick

In my 30+ years of piping, I’ve heard some doozies. Did you hear that pipes are argued to have been developed in Egypt by the pharaohs, or somewhere in the Middle East, and had been incorporated or copied from the Muslims during the crusades? Roman armies even used pipes while marching their troops to war!

Did you hear that Scottish Pipes are only Scottish if you have a tartan bag cover; otherwise they are Irish pipes?  Who would of thunk it? Well I can say is, my pipes are over 700 years old and still play beautifully. Well, in cat years, that is!

But seriously, we love a good sounding pipe and regardless of the origin of the instrument it has been refined to its current state by passionate and innovative musicians who love this beautiful instrument.

I was hoping to find some folklore of bagpipes played in the Upstate way before the state was established as a colony, but not much was recorded. Pipers were either too busy staying alive or playing a relaxing tune around a fire hundreds of years ago than keeping a diary on the subject. So if you have any interesting historical or even comical rumors about the highland pipes, email me. I 'd love to discuss and might even add to my blog.

Above all, I hope everyone is getting excited for our 9th annual Scottish Games! On Friday night at the Phoenix Inn we have our Jimmy McIntosh Invitational, featuring the top tier professional pipers on the East Coast.  And, of course, we’ll enjoy the solo and band competitions on Saturday May 24th on the beautiful Furman campus.

Oh, and by the way…I hear only the very best pipers can make the drones do a double-tone "wah wah” sound in sync with the beat of the tune they’re are playing!

Hope to see you there!

Nick Williams