Men in kilts...

post by Dee

I’m sorry, but guys in kilts are just DOMINANT!   Stalking around with knives in their socks, a definite brio (and I don’t mean cheese) about their shoulders, it simply transforms them into powerful  figures that attracts women like flies to – well, that’s what we wanted to find out –

So we conducted a very informal survey of kilt wearers at our last Games, and asked the single burning question uppermost in every female’s mind:  What EXACTLY is worn under the kilt?  Inquiring minds want to know!  We got a variety of well-rehearsed responses:  “Nothing!  It’s all in pairrfect working order!”  “On a good day, a rainbow!”  My favorite, “A Blue Ribbon!  For first prize!” while his 60ish wife by his side dissolved in giggles.

All I can say is, there is a reason they don’t wear patent leather shoes.