You enter the park with strains of Celtic music drifting through the air. Artists have their wares available for sale along the Promenade winding through the shade. You pass a crowded tent with historian John Miles regaling the Viking Colonization of the British Isles or Scottish brigades in WWI.

Another tent comes into view with ladies spinning and weaving tartans like our ancestors in Scottish villages of years past. Many people are already seated waiting on the Scottish attire lecture given by the award winning weaver Marjorie Warren of Thistle Studio. Next door is the Tartan Museum, where you can find your family tartan.

In the shade of an ancient oak tree the Scottish Country Dancers are swirling to the strains of an old Celtic Jig. Eager students and participants are waiting in the wings to begin their tutorage in the art of the dance.

Suddenly, the sound of the Celtic harp and fiddle fill the surroundings with light airy tunes, while onlookers tap their toes and sway to the familiar beats.

Off in the distance the giggles of young children can be heard. Truly a sight to behold! They peruse the spectacle of the games as bagpipes can be heard on the warm summer breeze saying . . . welcome home!

See you Memorial Weekend 2020!