Our Scottish Clans

See you Memorial Weekend Friday and Saturday 2022!
Clans have been gathering in Scotland for more than a thousand years. It was the foundation of Scottish life, where allegiances were forged, kinships strengthened, celebrations held, heroic sagas retold, and plans laid for the next series of battles. As the clans prospered, so did Scotland, even before there was a Scotland. The clan was paramount. The incredible bond of family within a clan spread throughout the world as the Scots explored and settled in regions far from their homeland, including in the Carolinas.

We still feel that strong bond with our kinfolk and with our larger “family” in South Carolina. It’s woven into our nature. We are so pleased to have clans from all over the country represented at our Games and we invite you to visit with them and perhaps find your own clan connection. Each clan has associated with it a number of other family names, called “septs,” which will be displayed at each clan tent. The clans representatives will be more than pleased to talk with you – that’s another characteristic we share with our Scottish cousins, it’s hard to STOP us from talking – and you may well find yourself with a set of new friends.

Our Scottish Clan registration process will be open by the first week of February 2022.

For more information – please email us at [email protected]