Help us celebrate our Scottish heritage.

It is a long journey each year to bring you one of the best Scottish Games in the land. Without the help of our sponsors – we couldn’t dedicate ourselves to this fine and entertaining task. We need and want your help. Please consider donating to the Greenville Scottish Games so that we can continue to promote and celebrate our love for our Scottish Heritage.

Lifetime Member = $1,000
Two VIP tickets and one VIP parking pass each year for the rest of your life.
Listing in our program.

Pied Piper = $500

  • Limited number available.
  • 2 VIP tickets and VIP parking.
  • Grandstand seating for massed bands awards ceremony.
  • Reserved viewing seats for the Pipe Band Competition Circle.
  • Guided tour of Piping & Drumming competition – hosted by Board member and piper – Nick Williams.
  • 2 official t-shirts from the Games.

Adopt An Athlete = $500

  • Limited number available.
  • 2 VIP tickets and VIP parking.
  • Lunch with the athletes.
  • On the field spectator during Caber Toss.
  • 2 official t-shirts from the Games

Individual and Corporate contributions can also help support:

  • Great Scot! Parade
  • Wee Scotland for the kids
  • Our Military Tribute

We can market your brand through our cutting edge marketing plan.  The Greenville Scottish Games is a 501(c)3.  Any and all contributions to help us celebrate our Scottish Heritage are greatly appreciated. In 2015 there were over 15,000,000 ways to see the Greenville Scottish Games!

For More information – email us at [email protected]

Lifetime Members of the Greenville Scottish Games

David and Helene Adams

Hugh and Claire Aiken

Scott Anderson

Waddy McFall (Andy) and June Anderson III

George P. Apperson, III

Mauldin and Caroline Avinger

Samuel and Kristin Bell

Lesley Moore and David Black

Phillip T. Bradley

Mark Bradford

VC Bauman and EL Burkhalter

Fisher A. Charles Canon

Matthew and Elizabeth Chambers

Scott McAdams Christopher

Bill and Pamela Clark

Heyward Clarkson, III

Earl J. and Gale B. Crawford

William and Marion Crawford

Lee and Michelle Cunningham

Dale Alan and Julie MacDonald Dangler

June W. Davis

John J. and Leslie MacDonald Donahue

Billy DuBose

David V. Duncan

Duncan Cairnes Ely

Rick and Ingrid Erwin

George and Sarah Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Flowers, III

Karen Floyd

Alan and Laura Foster

Colonel and Mrs. Frank C. Foster. Jr.

David and Keller Freeman

Gordon Garrett

Donna Gottschall

Bev Griffin

Dean Harbert

Anthony (Tony) C. Harper

Doug Harper

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll B. Hart. Sr.

Gary Hester

Alan and Jana T. Hill

J. B. Holeman

Lachlan Hyatt

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jameson, Jr.

Suzanne and Whit Jordan

Douglas N. Kelly

Tracy Kelly

Susan and Scott Kilgore

Sharon Kincaid-Wininger

Don and BJ Koonce

Bob and Loey Kranse

Margaret Lain

Wesley Lawton, MD

Lucian Lee

Martha Louise and Lee Lewis

Keith and Bonnie Linse

Mr. and Mrs. Dean B. Livingston, Jr.

George T. and Bonnie MacDonald

Ian R. and Lynn Sides MacDonald

Sam Maw

Thomas J. McAfee

Jim and Anne McCall

Mr. and Mrs. Brown MaCallum

James Mccallum

Mr. William McCrary, Jr.

Mary Earl McCraw

Dr. and Mrs. Robert McDaniel

Mary McDannald

Todd McDougal

Dr. Brenda McGregor

Michael McGregor

David and Ginny Milam

Thomas and Lynn Mitchell

Kerri Myers

Steve Navarro

Mr. and Mrs. Ben K. Norwood, Jr.

Alexander Patrick

Martha and Tracy Pelleot

Judy Phillips

K. David and Kay Reid

James H. Robinson

Dr. Walter C. Robinson, III

Kathy Rogoff

Porter B. Rose

Thomas M. Sears

Frank and Susan Shaw

James Marshall Shoemaker, Jr.

Dr. Melvin and Lynne Sinclair, Jr.

Joyce Smart

Jay Spivey

Erin St. Clair

Hamilton Stewart, III

Hayward and Kay Sullivan

Shelly Thompson

Benny and Nancy Walker

Anne and Art Williams

Kathryn Williams and Tom Ervin

Nicholas Williams

Rush Wilson, III

Ruth L. Wilson

Frank and Anne Workman

Patti and Bill Workman

Diane Smock and Brad Wyche

Madison Baker Wyche, III